Pertama was birthed to serve crucial, and often ignored, needs of quality, excellence,
customization and affordability in the built environment. Through our approach, which
drills down into key details, while keeping our focus on the big picture, we have been
able to decisively impact current areas of our work, which include Structures,
Civil Engineering, Building and Housing, Real Estate Development, Facility
Management, and Project Management


As a diversified company delivering services within the built
environment, we continue to engage and assure our established and
growing client base through our overriding business approach.
The company’s business approach, which holds PERTAMA as a
strong Pillar is encapsulated in our positioning statement of “Providing
Sustainable Perfection”.
The word “providing” reflects the company’s ability to contribute to the
initial ideas and delivering timely projects.
The word “perfection” reflects the company’s philosophy of delivering
quality and original innovative solutions to challenges

More about Pertama Consulting

Pertama is driven by the demand for contemporary sustainable and affordable
development solutions. We understand that providing these solutions starts with
perfect and encompassing conceptual DESIGNS.
The company has a clear strategy of using its collective skills and understanding of
markets to develop a unique value proposition to meet clients desires and need.

  • We will be the leading company delivering
  • valuable, reliable sustainable and
  • affordable building, construction, and real
  • estate solutions and services, to a diverse
  • client base, within and outside Nigeria.

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